16 - 17 April, 2019

Wajdi Mereb

Chief Specialist - BIM Projects Manager
Assets Management Department, Roads Transport Authority, UAE

1:00 PM Dubai Roads Transport Authority (RTA) BIM Journey aimed at reducing project management by 12% and maintenance costs by up to 15% in 3years.

Dubai RTA was the first government entity in MENA to launch a BIM-specific hub to drive the implementation of best practices for configuration management (CM), collaborative information management (CIM), and building information modelling (BIM). They became the first government entity in the world to achieve BIM Level 2.
To facilitate the implementation of BIM processes and standards within the implementation plan, the RTA selected its “Route 2020” Project as a pilot project.
This session will highlight:

  • Discussing the Route 2020 Mega project
  • Key achievements & BIM efficiencies
  • The future of BIM in the RTA roadmap