16 - 17 April, 2019

Bashar Al Malik

Chief Executive Officer
Saudi Rail Company

11:40 AM EXECUTIVE THINK THANK: NAVIGATING DRIVERLESS CITIES. How prepared are cities’ infrastructure for the advent of autonomous vehicles?

As AVs power ahead on solving key city challenges, are we not paying enough attention to their legal implications and technical limitations?

  • What does autonomous city infrastructure readiness really means?
  • Who to achieve seamless integration of driverless cars into the city infrastructure
  • The case of error, who is to be blamed?

10:40 AM Back to the Future: Learnings from global counterparts on how they have ensured the infrastructure is ready for the world of Autonomous Vehicles, electric cars and beyond

By 2030, 25% of cars will be autonomous in the region, but the question is; how are we preparing our infrastructure to support this change? With autonomous vehicles, electric cars, flying taxis; how are we ensuring the safety and legislations that define the legal landscape are met?

This session will identify the strategic plans required for future transport infrastructure and connected vehicles.

  • How to plan your infrastructure to adapt to new vehicles on the road
  • Can autonomous vehicles and human drivers operate in the same lane?
  • What is the impact on your design and planning strategies

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Bashar.

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